Why Is a Sharp Knife a Safe Knife?


If you’ve ever been in a cooking class or worked in a restaurant, you’ll know the number one rule about knives is that a sharp knife is a safe knife. It’s been repeated and preached hundreds of times, but do you actually know why a sharp knife is safer? So Why Is It Safer? A truly sharp knife takes no effort to slice through ingredients. But when you use a dull knife, you really have to work to cut through anything. Without sharpness, … Continue reading

Top 10 Ingenious Ways to Use Gear Ties in a Pinch


If you’re not familiar with Nite Ize Gear Ties, allow me to improve your life. Gear Ties are “extreme” twist ties that have been coated with rubber, and contain a thick, yet strong, flexible wire inside. They come in multiple different sizes ranging from 3 inches to 24 inches. These things are extremely durable. They’re completely waterproof, UV-resistant, bendable in any which way you choose, and they won’t mark or scratch anything they come in contact with. You can create almost anything you need … Continue reading

Top 10 Kitchen Essentials On Your Moving Out Checklist

New kitchen. New possibilities.

With September coming up, many new grads are moving out, whether to their new schools or simply to start an independent life. It’s such an exciting time! You have a new space to truly make your own, especially the kitchen. But it can also be difficult to wrap your head around. Especially when it’s your first time moving and you have, well, nothing in the way of kitchen essentials. I know, because I’ve done it recently. But don’t sweat it, … Continue reading

How to Choose a Quality Flask


We live in an age where we can simply pop out to the liquor store or bar to get a drink and where prohibition is certainly not an issue. It seems that wearing a flask has become a thing of the past. Most people nowadays wonder why a flask would ever be necessary, and how or why they’d ever use one. But consider this: Having a flask can save you money and disappointment in Vancouver bars. Who really wants a poorly-made $14.00 … Continue reading

New Video – How to Use a Honing Steel in Two Ways

You’ve seen famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver use a honing steel, and it looks really impressive the way they fling the steel and knife around! But did you know there’s also a far easier and safer way to bring that blade back into alignment?

Whether you’re just learning how to hone your knives, or whether you’re a bit more advanced, House of Knives President, Andre Eng, is going to show you both ways to use your honing steel.

Want to learn more about honing steels? Check out more of Andre’s How-to videos, or have a gander at our blog post on honing steels!

Products Featured in this Video:

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Make Canada Sharp Again at Our Learn to Sharpen Workshops


When we launched our Evenings with Andre events earlier this year, we had an overwhelming positive response. Our customers helped make it one of our best events yet! But the reason we think it was such a great series is because of the face-to-face feedback we received from you. One of the things you told us was how much you wanted to learn to sharpen your own knives. And not just knowing how to hone your knives and keep them maintained, but … Continue reading