Andre Eng Talks Thanksgiving Turkey on CTV Morning Live


With the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday this Monday, House of Knives President, Andre Eng, hit the airwaves on CTV Morning Live Vancouver to give you the low down on the tools you need to have a tasty bird instead of one tough turkey. He joined CTV host, Keri Adams, to go over some of the crucial “edge-u-cation” needed to ensure success. Check out the segment in its entirety below.

Taking Your Turkey’s Temperature

One of the most important things that Andre pointed out was of course the temperature of the bird. Since the thigh and breast of the bird cook at different temperatures, it’s important to have a thermometer  in both. The Küssi Steak & Poultry Thermometer Set – 2pc (1C-KB) kills two birds with one stone, not only working as a poultry thermometer set, but it’s also useful for beef too. Obviously, you want to ensure that your guests are having Turkey comas of the overindulgent variety.

A Sharp Knife for a Juicy Turkey

When it comes to carving your Thanksgiving Turkey, you’ll always want a sharp knife that slices through the flesh, versus tearing up the carcass and leaking all those juices out. Not to mention, a sharp knife is a safe knife after all. Starting with a great carving knife like the Shun Classic Carving 9″ Hollow Ground Edge (DM0720) or WUSTHOF Classic Ikon Carving 9″ (4506 / 23) is a great start. The slender and thin edge of a carving knife helps you navigate those bones and joints skillfully no matter what your knife skills level is. Make sure you cut across the grain so that the meat isn’t tough and chewy. Don’t forget to put on that Cuisipro Cut Resistant Glove if your only experience with the knife each year is during the holidays.

If you’ve had your knife for a while, a honing steel is a great way to to maintain that edge. But if you’ve gone a little past where a honing steel will help you out, then a pull through sharpener like the Edgelogix Multi-Stage Sharpener (PT071B) will give you an edge you can carve with right away. At least until you can bring your knife in for our sharpening service.

Where Can I Get Everything I Need for Thanksgiving Day?

We can’t help you with getting your Thanksgiving Turkey, or most importantly, remembering to defrost it, but we can direct you to our locations in BC and Alberta. Our House of Knives staff are well trained to help you with everything Andre talked about with Keri. Make sure you have a chance to try before you buy to find the best carving knife just for you and more.

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From sleeping on the floor of one of his first stores, to now running 17 locations across BC and Alberta, House of Knives President, Andre Eng, has had quite the journey in establishing the company as the largest chain of cutlery stores in Canada (and maybe the world). Andre started working with his brother Allan in 1987, and has continued to keep the business family run. Today, he shares the responsibility with his wife and partner, Qua-Fung, and through much trial … Continue reading

This Wusthof Classic Uber Chef Knife is Uber Sharp!

When you work for House of Knives, it can be easy to become spoiled by all the wonderful cutlery. Despite being the President of House of Knives, Andre Eng has grown quite fond of the Wusthof Classic Uber 8″ Chef Knife and seems to be having many inspirational moments with it. From taking it on Global TV and showing Steve Darling how to cut fruit, to sharing his quick tips on our YouTube Channel this chef knife hasn’t left his side.

Then one day, Andre found some videos featuring people slicing tomatoes with some very sharp knives. He thought the Wusthof Classic 8″ Uber chef knife was pretty sharp too. So, we made this video featuring it, with its 14 degree blade, and bolster-less design, slicing through tomatoes. Out of the box, and with a little honing with a ceramic steel, it does a pretty good job giving us paper thin slices.

Where Can I Get One?

The Wusthof Classic Uber 8″ Chef’s Knife is available exclusively at House of Knives in Canada. Make sure you take Andre up on his invitation to try it at any of our stores in BC and Alberta. You’ll be “uber” impressed with the performance.

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House of Knives Visits Global BC News With Healthy Snack Prep Tips

This morning, House of Knives President, Andre Eng, paid a visit to the Global BC Morning News studio to show Steve Darling something just a little different than filleting a fish. Andre showed Steve and his viewers how to create real fruit snacks with real fruit. We’re talking apples, oranges and mangoes, and not the ones that roll up and sit in a wrapper. Viewers were shown fun and unique ways to prepare healthy snacks with real fruit that make them appealing to kids and adults alike.

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Andre Used…

Steve Used…

Both Andre and Steve were cutting on KÜSSI 3 layer bamboo cutting boards lined with KÜSSI Chop & Grip large cutting mats using Cuisipro Cut Resistant Gloves.

Want More Tips and Tricks Like This?

If you’re looking for tricks and tips on how to do more with your knives then you have to check out our YouTube Channel where we also cover how to cut an apple for a snack without browning, peeling an orange for a snack, and coring a mango for a snack. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more videos.

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