How Not to Break Your Throwing Knives

Being able to hit a target dead-centre is probably one of the most awesome-looking and rewarding skills you can learn, not to mention one of the most useful! But what looks even more impressive is being able to hit a target with a knife. That flick of the wrist, the satisfying “thunk” as the knife sticks into the target—you’re basically a modern-day ninja.

But while throwing knives are meant for throwing, there is a limit to how much abuse they can take! It matters how you throw, and it especially matters what you’re throwing at. There’s an awful lot of misinformation out there about what throwing knives can withstand, so let us clear up some facts and tell you how to make your knives last as long as possible.

It Matters What You Throw At


You Get What You Pay For

Let’s get one thing out in the open: throwing your knives at things is abusing them, even if they’re marketed to be thrown. You can get knives that withstand more abuse than others, but as Tactical Throwing Knives puts it very simply, “no throwing knife is indestructible.

There are different qualities to throwing knives, which are generally reflected in their prices:

  • If you’re hoping to just get a feel for the sport, getting a cheap set of throwing knives for $15 and under will give you that. However, they’re likely going to break if you throw them wrong, or if you hit something hard.
  • If you’re hoping to get a set that lasts longer, and that you can throw at wooden targets, you’ll be looking at around $10 – $30 per knife. But even these don’t do well with hard surfaces and improper technique.




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