New Video – Do You Need a Honing Steel or a Sharpener?

When it comes to knife maintenance, most people have some kind of tool in their kitchen for this purpose. You can probably find a honing steel or a pull-through sharpener in almost every kitchen. But did you know these devices do two very different things for your knives? We all know that “a sharp knife is a safe knife,” so what do these devices actually do, and what should we use to keep our knives sharp?

In the short video above, House of Knives President Andre Eng gives us all the details on what each of these tools do. You’ll see the main differences between a honing steel and sharpener, what they do to  your knives, and how to properly use them.

To learn more about honing steels, check out our post What’s the Deal with Honing Steels?

Products shown in this video:

What do you use to sharpen at home? Do you have any questions for Andre? Let us know in the comments below!

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