How Are You Celebrating Canadian Environment Week?


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


Canadian Environment Week is June 5 – 11, 2016, and House of Knives is excited! Keeping the environment clean, healthy, and preserved is something we all should care about, and there are so many ways to do just that. While it’s true, countries all over the world, Canada included, have a huge carbon footprint, there are little ways you can help every day to reduce pollution in all forms. Here are two easy things you can try this week to keep our collective home healthy.

Carpool, walk, cycle, or bus to work

Cutting out the use of fossil fuels is not going to happen overnight. It’s just not. But gradually, we can reduce our use of them while a sustainable fuel source replaces it.

Catch a ride with another co-worker that’s going in same direction! You’ll take one extra car off the road, AND you’ll get to use the HOV lane to bypass traffic. Walk or cycle to work—you’ll feel energetic for the rest of the day and you’ll get some daily exercise in to help with your beach bod. Or simply bus to work! You can read, watch YouTube, and relax while transit does the work for you.

Bring your own water bottle

When you buy water from a vending machine or store, you are paying for water that you get free in Canada. Not to mention, plastic bottles are one of the many things filling up our landfills, and by using them, we’ll eventually start tainting our own amazing Canadian tap water with plastic chemicals. Just bring your own water bottle and help decrease the plastic!

At House of Knives, we don’t sell any plastic water bottles on account that it’s not good for you. The plastic can leach out into your water over time no matter what type of plastic they are made of. Our water bottles on the other hand are made of double-walled glass, stainless steel or aluminum, which keeps the temperature of your drink stable for longer. They’re reusable, will keep you healthy, and are handy to have around.

For example, one of the things that our own President, Andre Eng, does when he travels is bring along a stainless steel Quench bottle. When the flight attendants offer him a drink, he offers his bottle, which saves on the number of plastic cups going into landfills. If everyone on a flight used a re-fillable bottle imagine the impact that would have!

Our Bags Are Guilt Free

If you forget your re-usable shopping bag at home while shopping at House of Knives don’t worry! Every plastic bag we put your purchases in are biodegradable and will eventually break down safely. So if you do forget your bag, you’ll feel a little less guilty. But we do encourage you to re-use when possible.

We hope each and every one of our amazing customers will partake in keeping the planet cleaner and safe this week. Hopefully you’ll learn new ways to keep mother nature happy for the many weeks to come. But what are some of the different things you already do to help the planet? What else can we do to help? Let us know in the comments below!

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