Top Five Ways to Use a Nite Ize S-Biner (and a Few More Bonus Uses Too)

Nite Ize S Biner BannerWhen it comes to utility, one of the most versatile gadgets you can have on you is the carabiner. Commonly known for its use in climbing and belaying (which use the stronger, climbing-designated carabiners), these clips have nearly countless uses once you start getting creative! While the S-Biners from Nite Ize aren’t meant for climbing, these multi-purpose clips are a wonder to have around. Let House of Knives show you a few uses that could make your life a little easier, and a few life-hacks we’ve thought up ourselves!

1. Attach gear outside your bag

With most backpacks, you’ll have a few places you can clip on to. And because the S-biner is basically two carabiners in one, you can secure almost anything without fighting for space within your biner. Attach things like water bottles, a pair of shoes, snacks, headphones, flashlights, first aid kits, high-visibility gear, and all sorts of other items to your backpack with a couple S-Biners.

2. Fix your wardrobe malfunction

Sometimes, safety pins just don’t cut it when you’re fixing fabric. Ben from our Willowbrook store says the S-Biner is a fantastic way to secure suspenders if the clips are broken or missing! Meghan from our Metrotown store says using them to secure loose spaghetti straps behind the back works pretty well to keep them up too. And the S-Biner won’t come undone and shank you like a safety pin does. So many pros, so few cons.


3. Tidy up your cords

Everyone with electronics in their house knows the woe of having too many cords and no good way to keep them tidy. The S-Biner #3 or #4 can help with that. Simply wrap the cord up neatly and clip on the S-Biner and you can hang it up out of the way. Or if the cord is small enough, you can wrap it through the S-Biner itself. Gear ties are pretty awesome for this too, by the way.

4. Hold up a work light

Working in low light can be challenging enough—even more so when you have to hold a flashlight in your mouth to see what you’re doing. Solution? Just hang a flashlight with an S-Biner. Most flashlights have a lanyard hole that you can slip a small piece of role or wire through, then simply hang above you. Or, if you want more light, hang up a 30-Day Lantern instead of a flashlight!

5. Keep your keys safe

This one is among the top 5 most common but useful ways to use your S-Biner. Nite Ize even came out with a KeyRack Steel Biner, specifically for those who have a ton of keys. There’s even a coloured version so you can remember which key is which. Personally, I like using a couple of the Microlock biners so I can be sure my keys aren’t going anywhere. These things are perfect if you don’t have pockets—just clip your keys to a belt loop or backpack strap and never worry about your keys coming loose.


Here are a few more ideas from our S-Biner experts at our Willowbrook store!

Ben from Willowbrook says:

  • Use it to secure a bear cache
  • For quick rigging on a boat
  • Secure an arm-splint or sling to a neck band if you don’t have enough material for a full sling.
  • Hang a basket, bird feeder, or chimes.
  • Secure a pet leash to a collar if the original clip has broken.

Laura from Willowbrook says:

“I love to use them to hold onto hair elastics and pins in my purse. I put a few on one side of the biner and then hook the other side to a zipper in my purse! No more fishing around looking for hair ties for me!”

What do you use or would you use a Nite Ize S-Biner for? Do you own any S-Biners? Let us know in the comments below!

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