Say Hello to Fun, Festivities, and Our Summer Sale!

We’re jumping into summer full-force this year with our Summer Sale. We’ve been blessed with some amazing weather so far, so to make the most of your summer months, we’ve put together our favourite ways to spend the summer. Check out some of our favourite products with selections from our camping, bbq including gift ideas for those special summer occasions. Let’s Play Outside! Canada is one of THE best places to dive into the camping world. Whether your destination campgrounds involve hiking… Continue reading

The House of Knives Warehouse Sale Starts This Friday!

UPDATE: For those that missed our sale in person, we’ve selected a range of the top kitchen and sporting knives for our CYBER Warehouse Sale. It runs till June 18th, 2017. The House of Knives Warehouse Sale is back for 2017 and it’s bigger and better in almost every single way. This was thanks to the amazing feedback we received about our inaugural event last September, giving us much to think about for this year’s event. It’s Definitely Bigger First… Continue reading

5 Uncommon Gifts Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time for celebrating and appreciating all that mom does for you and your family. She’s a wonder, there’s no doubt about it! But it always seems like we’re getting mom something for the kitchen, or something for her nails, or a gift certificate to somewhere she can relax. These are all gifts mom will appreciate, don’t get us wrong! But wouldn’t it also be awesome if we could celebrate mom’s strengths, skills, and passions, as well… Continue reading

How to Use Spices Like a Pro

The Spice Girls of the 90’s had it right when they told the people of the world to “spice up your life.” But using spices can be a tricky business if you’re not confident in how they fit together. There’s nothing worse than putting the wrong spices together and ruining a good meal. However, spices don’t have to be scary! Most of it comes down to the aroma of the spice, and what key aromas it shares with other foods. Extraordinarily, only… Continue reading

6 Tips to Help You Prepare For Easter Dinner

In my family, Easter is as big a deal as Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s another great excuse to get everyone together, enjoy each other’s company, and sit down to a phenomenal meal made by Grandma. But not everyone has a grandmother to spoil you rotten with recipe’s passed down from generations ago. For some, Easter is more often than not accomplished with cookbooks, and a healthy dose of trial and error. So to make your Easter dinner a success, let… Continue reading

How to Prepare for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate and enjoy romance. Light candles, drink wine, look your best, and revel in the passion of the season. But Valentine’s Day can cause a mighty amount of stress for those who don’t know their partners or dates well. Should we go out? Should we stay in? Will they like this? Should I get a gift? What do I wear? Beard or no beard? Don’t worry. A successful Valentine’s Day comes down to two… Continue reading