Fusion Touch Knives Tackle Avocado Toast

The Fusion Touch knives are a fresh face in the cutlery world. Recently, we had a chance to use the flagship Fusion Touch 10 inch chef knife to tackle a popular young adult delicacy, the cauliflower steak. The size of the knife, and the performance of the blade, minimised crumbling and ensured that we had nice even cuts of cauliflower to work with. While cauliflower isn’t the most glamorous of produce, it really did surprise some of our palettes. You can check out that recipe right here.

Today, we’re checking out two more members of the Fusion Touch family, by working with one of Instagram’s most famous ingredients. We’re talking about avocados and the famous avocado toast. Check out the video above to see the Fusion Touch 7 inch Santoku and 9 inch Bread Knife tackle this social media phenomenon.

If you’re looking to give avocado toast a try, you can follow along with our simple recipe below.


Avocado toast really is left up to your imagination. We’ve seen some really creative versions of it all over Instagram (follow us here) and other social media channels. Our recipe is pretty basic and included the following ingredients.

  • Avocados
  • Loaf of crusty bread loaded with seeds
  • Eggs
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Green onion

Other optional ingredients you can use for a bit more punch include red pepper flakes for a little more heat, or lemon juice for a bit more brightness.

Tools Needed

In addition to a good bread knife and chef knife, like our Fusion Touch 7 inch Santoku and 9 inch Bread Knife, you’re going to want to have a good knife safe cutting surface, and a cut resistant glove. Along with a table spoon, sauce brush, plates and bowls to help with the prep.


Step One – In our kitchen, we always putting on our Kussi Cut Resistant Gloves first. Nothing ruins a cooking experience more than an unscheduled injury.

Step Two – Take your nice crusty ancient grain loaf and slice off two pieces that are about 2CM in width with your bread knife. We cut from the centre so that we could get the biggest possible slices. Place them on a baking tray.

Step Three – Break off a clove of garlic from your bulb and give it a good whack. Then you can peel off the skin with ease. You can either dice it up like we showed you in the video or you can create garlic paste. Some people like to see and taste pieces of it and some people don’t. Pasting gives you the taste and hides the bits that could potentially get stuck in your teeth. If you’ve never pasted garlic before, you can check out this tutorial.

Step Four – Take the garlic paste or pieces and put it into a bowl. Drizzle a couple of tablespoons of olive oil into the bowl and mix with a brush. Brush the mixture on your slices of bread and place them in the oven for about 10 minutes at 350F on a baking sheet.

Step Five – Pit your avocado. You’ll then have two halves. If you want an easy way to slice and remove the avocado from the half, you can put on your cut resistant glove, and slice the avocado in its skin, before removing the avocado with a large tablespoon. The avocado will already be in slices ready to put on your toast. If you don’t have a cut resistant glove, put the avocado on a cutting board and make the slices there. Otherwise, the knife could slice your hand open without the protection of a cut resistant glove.

If you want an even more elegant looking avocado, you can scoop out the avocado with the tablespoon whole. Then, with your knife, make thin slices lengthwise across the avocado, leaving just a bit at the end to hold it together. You can then fan it out across the surface of your toast.

Step Six – Fry a couple eggs sunny side up, making sure the egg white is cooked completely, and set them aside. You can also use poached eggs. Or no eggs if you don’t like eggs.

Step Seven – Retrieve your toast from the oven and place your avocado on top. If you’re not into eggs, this is where you would season with salt and pepper.

Step Eight – Dice up some green onion and set aside. If you aren’t putting the egg on top, go ahead and garnish and enjoy.

Step Nine – Place your fried or poached egg on top. Season with salt and pepper.

Step Ten – If you have red pepper flakes, you can sprinkle some on for a bit more kick. Or you can squeeze a bit of lemon juice for a bit more brightness and acidity. Enjoy!

The Camera Eats First for Instagram

So there you have it. One of the Internet’s most famous young adult food recipes, inspired by House of Knives’ youngest knife line. We’ll definitely have to setup a guacamole station next.

The Fusion Touch series comes in a range of styles, which should suit the culinary needs of enthusiasts of all levels. The secure and comfortable grip of the santoprene handles would be a good start for young chefs. The high performance German blade is easy to take care of, and they are easy to maintain as well. They’d be a great choice for your vacation cooking kit too. Come try them at any of our locations, or order a set online.

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