Quick Tip – How to Core a Bell Pepper for Stuffing (Video)

In our newest quick tip video, we’re tackling the task of preparing bell peppers for stuffing. We previously showed you how to core a bell pepper with another technique, and then showed you how to julienne one. But today, we’re showing you how to core a bell pepper using a second technique that keeps the entire structure intact for stuffing.

How To Core a Bell Pepper (For Stuffing)

Unlike coring a bell pepper for dicing and slicing, this technique in the video requires a bit more finesse. Using a sharp 3 – 4 inch paring knife, carefully remove the top of the pepper. Maintain a 45 degree angle through these cuts, so that when you place the top back on, it won’t fall into the pepper. Then cut away the core, where the seeds and membrane are attached, to get a nice clean top.

Next, you’ll want to carefully remove the remaining ribs and membrane from the interior of the pepper using a paring knife, being careful not to puncture the shell. Finish up by scooping out the debris by hand, and a thorough rinse with water should take care of the rest. You can dry the insides out with paper towels after giving them a good shake.

How to Core a Bell Pepper for Stuffing

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