Quick Tip – How to Paste Garlic With a Chef Knife (Video)

Most people like a bit of garlic in their food. Just a little bit to bring out the flavour of those prawns, and let’s not forget about the timeless taste and aroma of a good garlic bread. But no one wants chunks of garlic stuck in their teeth. In the video above, House of Knives President, Andre Eng, shows you how to paste garlic using the most versatile tool in your kitchen. That’s right! It’s the chef knife!

How to Paste Garlic

As shown above, the steps are actually extremely simple. So simple in fact, you might feel a little weird next time you walk by tubes (or bottles) of it at your local grocery store. By learning how to paste garlic, you’ll be able to put a little more flavour in your food, without leaving bits of it in your mouth after lunch (a side effect of mincing, which doesn’t break down the ingredient like pasting does).

Here’s what you need:

  • Peeled garlic cloves (check out one, two, or three ways to peel garlic)
  • A sharp chef knife
  • A bit of sugar or salt

Quick Tip - How to Paste Garlic With a Chef Knife (Video)

Take your garlic cloves and roughly mince them. Once that’s done, add some salt or sugar to act as an abrasive to help break down the garlic faster. Next, take the tip of your sharp chef knife and start working across the cloves in a sort of “locomotive” action, pressing down on the minced garlic. It may be necessary to move the ingredients back into a line frequently so you can get a good, uniform result. Once you’re done, you should be left with garlic paste. And now you know how to paste garlic!

What do you think of this quick tip? Will you finally be able to avoid those tubes of garlic paste at the grocery store? Let us know in the comments below.

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