This Wusthof Classic Uber Chef Knife is Uber Sharp!

When you work for House of Knives, it can be easy to become spoiled by all the wonderful cutlery. Despite being the President of House of Knives, Andre Eng has grown quite fond of the Wusthof Classic Uber 8″ Chef Knife and seems to be having many inspirational moments with it. From taking it on Global TV and showing Steve Darling how to cut fruit, to sharing his quick tips on our YouTube Channel this chef knife hasn’t left his side.

Then one day, Andre found some videos featuring people slicing tomatoes with some very sharp knives. He thought the Wusthof Classic 8″ Uber chef knife was pretty sharp too. So, we made this video featuring it, with its 14 degree blade, and bolster-less design, slicing through tomatoes. Out of the box, and with a little honing with a ceramic steel, it does a pretty good job giving us paper thin slices.

Where Can I Get One?

The Wusthof Classic Uber 8″ Chef’s Knife is available exclusively at House of Knives in Canada. Make sure you take Andre up on his invitation to try it at any of our stores in BC and Alberta. You’ll be “uber” impressed with the performance.

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