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How To Tell If Your Knife Is Sharp Enough

If you’ve used dull knives all your life, nothing quite compares to the satisfaction and ease of using a truly sharp knife. But how can you tell if your knife is sharp enough?

HOK President Andre Eng shows you a quick tip that will tell you if your knife is sharp, and just how sharp it is. But be careful! All knives, even dull ones, can still cut and cause serious injury. Make sure you exercise caution when testing sharpness.

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A sharp knife is a safe knife, so make sure to keep it safe. We have a wide selection of sharpeners and maintenance items at our 17 stores and online that can help you maintain your cutting edge. But if you’re not comfortable sharpening your own knives, you can always take advantage of our in-house sharpening service!

If you liked this quick tip, make sure to check out our YouTube Channel for more ways to improve your kitchen skills!

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