Work Sharp Livens Up Sharpening at House of Knives

There are so many ways to keep your tools sharp. Some require time and patience like when using whetstones. You can really get an edge hair popping sharp with a good set of whetstones. With the proper technique and additional effort,  you can even get a mirror like shine on the blade edge. And then there are some of us that just need to get an edge on a blade quickly, so we can get our tools back to work as quickly as possible. Many of our pull through sharpeners and electric sharpeners do just that, but the results can vary.  But somewhere in the middle is Work Sharp.

Work Sharp has been a partner of House of Knives for a number of years and their products add great variety to our selection. They create products that are able to get you an edge quickly, but with results that rival stone sharpening. And they also have products that allow you to take a high quality sharpening on the road. But most importantly, their products are easy to use.

In the video below, our friend Hayley from Work Sharp gives us a quick overview of our products and why they’re partnered with us.

Both Work Sharp and House of Knives want you to have sharp tools that serve you safely and efficiently. But most importantly, we want to provide you with the “edge-u-cation” you need to be able to use them. And we want to provide you with the sharpening tools you feel comfortable using. Work Sharp’s tools fill a need for products that perform extremely well, but are not so difficult to use that you might feel that you could “mess up” your tools.

One of Hayley’s favourite tools, which is also a favourite of our House of Knives Team Members, is the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener. It’s a sharpening tool that you can take anywhere to sharpen your knives, whether you work indoors or outdoors. Its guided surface makes it easy to hit the right angle every time, while the built in honing rod allows you to tune up any edge in the field. And if you like this method of sharpening, you can also invest in the more heavy duty Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System.

Work Sharp also makes electric sharpeners as well. If you need an edge fast, their Combo Knife Sharpener works on a range of different knives and edges. And for more challenging tasks, you can check out the Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener. Both of which use belts instead of stone wheels, so you can change them out and really refine that edge with a range of different grits available for your sharpener.

The Work Sharp sharpening tools we’ve shown you seem very geared towards outdoor and tool enthusiasts. And you’d be absolutely right. Which is why later this Fall 2017, Work Sharp will be introducing their new Work Sharp Culinary products. This product line uses many of the innovations in the current line like the belts and the guides, and is tuned specifically to work with the angles and materials of today’s high performance kitchen knives.

So, where can you find out more about Work Sharp products, and even give them a try? Come in to any one of our locations in BC and Alberta. Our reps will gladly show off some of our favourite sharpening tools. And of course, you can also find the entire selection of Work Sharp tools on our website.

Have you tried Work Sharp tools before? What are some of your favourite things about them? Let us know in the comments below!


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