Kussi Peelers are the Sharpest in the World

KUSSI peelers are among the sharpest vegetable peelers in the world. And as a cutlery store with a 30 year history in Canada, we’ve tried many peelers over those years. Based on their performance alone, we don’t think anything in the world can beat them. For starters, they use some of the most ergonomic handle shapes in the world, giving your hands both grip and comfort. They are also mated with stainless steel blades straight from Japan, which is where samurai swords and Shun Knives come from.

Check out the video below for a look at what they can do:

The strength and sharpness of the blades and the grip provided by the handles make it possible for these KUSSI peelers to go through squash like butter. And because food isn’t getting any cheaper these days, the accuracy of the blades only removes the the most minimal amounts of peel, preventing excess food waste.

The Kussi peelers come in three different styles:

The Kussi peelers all feature eyelet and blemish removal tools, letting you preserve everything possible without peeling away anything extra. For maximum performance and safety, you’ll definitely want to use a cut resistant glove. The speed and efficiency of these peelers might take a little bit of getting used to.

KUSSI Peelers – Available at House of Knives

KUSSI peelers are available at House of Knives in Canada. We invite you to try them out at any one of our retail locations in BC or Alberta. Or feel free to add one or all of them to your next online order so you can experience what the sharpest peelers in the world can do for you.

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