Taking Care of Your Shun Knives With Stephanie Purtle

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Last week, Stephanie Purtle from Shun Cutlery USA dropped by our Metrotown and Park Royal stores to demonstrate some of our most popular Shun knives and answer questions in a special workshop. Featured in the workshops were pieces from the Shun Classic, Blue, Premier, and the brand new Kanso Series, which is now available in most of our stores in BC and Alberta.

While it was fantastic to see some of our best selling knives in action, one of the most important things that Stephanie emphasized was the care and maintenance of Shun knives. Unlike traditional Western or European designs, Japanese knives like Shuns are equipped with a very sharp angle which is around 15 to 16 degrees. This sharp angle is what allows Shun knives to effortlessly slice through meats and vegetables. This is achieved with the use of very hard steels that are able to hold such wicked angles. It’s also the reason why we slice with our Shuns, rather than chop with them. So you’ll want to avoid ingredients like avocado pits, crispy bacon, chicken bones, and frozen anything. Nothing breaks our hearts more than seeing a chipped blade.

For those of you that weren’t able to make it to one of our workshops we asked Stephanie to share some of her most important ones in the video below…

Now that you know how to take care of your Shun knives, you’ll be able to enjoy them for a lifetime. And even if you do mess up and hack into something harder than the razor-sharp edge can handle, it’s nice to know that with “a little bit of shipping,” the folks at Shun Cutlery will still help you out. And for those of you that want that Shun performance, but in something just a bit more durable, the Kanso series certainly looks like a winner.

Have you tried out Shun knives at one of our stores? Do you already own a Shun? Share your experiences in the discussion area below.

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