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The Simplicity of Shun Kanso

Shun KansoAt House of Knives, we believe the best kind of efficiency is based in simplicity. As the old saying goes, less is more, and that still holds true today. Our friends at Shun Cutlery understand this very well, which is why they came out with the Kanso line. And now you can find Shun Kanso at House of Knives.

A New Kind of Shun

Kanso is the perfect introduction into owning a Japanese knife. It’s a series of Shun knives that have been simplified and refined to the core, so you’re getting only what you absolutely need in a knife, and none of what you don’t. While they don’t sport any flashy, Damascus-clad steel, these blades have a rustic beauty that shows us you don’t need bells and whistles for a knife to be exceptional.

Shun knives are famed for their excellent steel, which keeps a razor-sharp edge at a more acute angle for longer than a European knife. To ensure a long and happy life for your Shuns, precision and care is required when using them. But with the Kanso line, you can let loose a little bit more than with your typical Japanese knife. That’s because the Kanso line has a more durable and forgiving steel than some of the other Shun lines, which is excellent to have if you’re a little heavy-handed in the kitchen. And if you ever scratch the blade accidentally, the heritage finish on these knives will hide it for you. Common sense still applies however, so please make sure you’re not hacking away at chicken bones or mahogany. Shun Kanso may be more forgiving, but they are still meant to slice ingredients.

As someone who handles these knives daily, check out what Stephanie Purtle from Shun Cutlery USA has to say about Kanso:

The Kanso Collection

Kanso consists of six knives in total, one of which is a completely new blade shape! The new 7″ Asian Utility is a mix between a nakiri and a cleaver, so you can split a butternut squash, crush garlic, and slice through proteins like nobody’s business. Check out the entire collection below.

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Find Kanso at House of Knives

House of Knives is proud to be the home of Shun Kanso in Canada. Visit any one of our 17 locations across BC and Alberta and take a Kanso for a spin.

What do you think about Shun’s new collection? Do you own a Kanso? Let us know in the comments below!

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