Wusthof’s Most Über Chef’s Knife is Based on a Classic Design

Über Chef's Knife

One thing that you can depend on from German knife makers is extreme quality, consistency, and long-term reliability. These are all qualities that have made Wusthof successful for over 200 years. House of Knives President, Andre Eng, recently interviewed Harald Wusthof, and he related that there is only so much one can do with the “oldest tool known to man.” So when Wusthof makes a move to redesign something, you know it’s something special. And that something special is the new Wusthof Classic 8” Über Chef’s Knife.

Some say that the Wusthof Classic 8” Über Chef’s Knife is a modern take on the company’s original Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife. But we feel it’s a knife that our more experienced customers have been asking for. The knife that customers, who love the half-bolster design of the Wusthof Classic Ikon blade, but aren’t a fan of the longer handle; who love the balance of the Wusthof Classic Series, but could do without the bolster, have been looking for.

There’s no mistaking the Über 8″ Chef’s Knife for anything but a member of the Classic Series; that’s for sure. But there are some key things that Wusthof has done to make this a more ‘Über’ tool in the kitchen.

More Über Belly Curve

The Über Chef’s Knife has the most pronounced belly curve of any Wusthof knife. Some American knives are known for their very pronounced belly curve, which facilitates a much smoother rocking motion, making the time mincing and cutting vegetables go by faster.

Less Über Bolster

One thing that experienced cooks tend to do more often is hone their knives with a honing steel. But the last few millimeters of bolster on the regular Classic Chef’s Knife seems to get in the way sometimes. Especially if you’ve mastered using your honing steel quickly. The modified bolster on the Wusthof Classic Über allows the entire blade to be stroked each time without that occasional snag of steel. This also makes the blade much easier to sharpen with a stone or other sharpening system.

More Über Grip

Along with the additional belly curve and modified bolster, Wusthof has made the half-bolster on the Über’s handle even more comfortable. The special contouring makes it easier than ever before to achieve a perfect pinch grip, resulting in better control of the blade.

Available Exclusively at House of Knives

The Wusthof Classic 8” Über Chef’s Knife is available exclusively at House of Knives in Canada. It’s waiting for you to try at any one of our locations in BC or Alberta, but don’t wait too long. This knife is an ‘Über’ limited edition and will be gone before you know it.

What do you think of this ‘Über’ new design from Wusthof? Let us know in the discussion area below.

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