Harald Wusthof on Selling “Happiness in the Kitchen” (Video Interview)

ambiente 2016 harald

In an age where family-run companies barely last past their second generation of owners, Wusthof is a true anomaly. For over seven generations, the Wusthof family has been at the helm of one of the foremost cutlery makers in Germany, and they’re proud to wear the “Made in Solingen” badge, which is a mark of distinction among cutlery manufacturers in the region.

The Solingen badge, which is governed by the “Solingen Decree,” states that all key manufacturing stages have to be performed within the boundaries of Solingen and Haan, Germany. Even cutlery that is manufactured within town boundaries is not entitled to bear the designation if they do not meet this standard of production. While many companies can claim their products are made in Germany, only the best companies can actually stamp “Made in Solingen” on their products, and Wusthof most definitely can.


So what is the secret to staying “Made in Solingen” in the cutlery industry and keeping a business running in the family for over seven generations? According to Harald Wusthof, it comes down to selling “happiness in the kitchen”.

In a recent video interview, carried out by our President Andre Eng at the Ambiente 2016 show, Harald Wusthof shares his insights into the business and what keeps things fresh in an over-200-year-old company, making the oldest tool known to man.

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