Shun Cutlery Calls House of Knives Home in Canada

Japanese chef knives are often associated with the attributes that their legendary warrior counterparts exhibit. These attributes include razor sharpness and extreme beauty. But the ability to wield such marvels of craftsmanship would often be followed by years of training as a Samurai warrior. North Americans don’t have time for such intense training, and the appetite for high quality products from Japan is always ravenous. This prompted KAI Corporation, to bring these features to artisan crafted knives, developed expressly for the rigorous daily use inside North American kitchens. And thus, Shun Cutlery was born.

A little over 15 years ago, Shun Cutlery hit North American shores. It didn’t take long to take hold in the US market, and with a little help from House of Knives, Shun Cutlery began its sweep of Canada. Once these beautiful artisan crafted knives hit our store locations, it was impossible to keep customers away. But it wasn’t without some early growing pains. Customers were used to using their European knives a certain way. Japanese knives, however, require more respect. It took time for everyone to understand their intended use: slicing soft ingredients like meats and vegetables precisely.

As time went on, and as chefs and home cooks became more educated on the strengths of Shun knives, it was less common to see them chipped in use from hacking at avocado pits, found in dishwashers, or breaking down chicken carcasses. As a Shun Cutlery wielder, following basic care directions is necessary to ensure that they serve you well for many years. After all, each one is handmade to great painstaking detail just for you by a master craftsman in Seki, Japan.

Today, Shun’s line of artisan crafted cutlery serves a range of North American users. From the BBQ Pit-master inspired Shun Classic Brisket Knife, to the beautiful Shun Hiro Series, the company has listened to its users, and have created products that inspire. Of course, the line that started it all, the Shun Classic Series, continues to be one of our top sellers for its superior performance, and is the gateway to a whole new world of precision slicing and delicate knife work.

If you’ve never tried a Shun knife, definitely make a trip to one of our locations in BC and Alberta. Our staff are just as enthusiastic about Shun as you are and would be happy to give you a demo. Or check out our extensive online selection.

Do you currently own a Shun knife? Share your experience in the comments below!

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