House of Knives Visits Global BC News With Healthy Snack Tips

Tips for a Healthy Snack on Global BC

This morning, House of Knives President, Andre Eng, paid a visit to the Global BC Morning News studio to show Steve Darling something just a little different than filleting a fish. Andre showed Steve and his viewers how to create healthy snacks with real fruit. We’re talking apples, oranges and mangoes, and not the ones that roll up and sit in a wrapper. Viewers were shown fun and unique ways to prepare healthy snacks with real fruit that make them appealing to kids and adults alike.

Products Featured in this Segment

Andre Used…

Steve Used…

Both Andre and Steve were cutting on KÜSSI 3 layer bamboo cutting boards lined with KÜSSI Chop & Grip large cutting mats using Cuisipro Cut Resistant Gloves.

Want More Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Snack?

If you’re looking for tricks and tips on how to do more with your knives then you have to check out our YouTube Channel where we also cover how to cut an apple for a snack without browning, peeling an orange for a snack, and coring a mango for a snack. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more videos.

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