House of Knives’ Andre Eng Shows Global BC Viewers How to Fillet a Fish!


Last Friday, our President, Andre Eng, was on Global BC TV to help promote some of the best tools for making the task of filleting a fish look easy. If you missed the segment, which originally aired on September 11, 2015 at 8:30AM, you can check it out right here…

Andre and our host, Steve Darling, were also treated to using some very useful tools that make the task so much easier. Featured on the segment were the following knives and tools available at any House of Knives location.

To find the tools to help you fillet a fish, as well as other helpful tools, knives, and kitchen gadgets, make sure you stop by a House of Knives location in BC or Alberta. And for those of you that aren’t near one of our locations, you can find most of the items shown in the segment and more in our online store.

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