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The Benchmade Experience

For over two decades, Benchmade has been designing world-class sporting knives for a range of users. With outdoorsman, everyday users, emergency responders and service personnel worldwide depending on them every day, the products are definitely well tested in real life and death situations. They are products that you can trust which is why the company can proudly say that “It’s not just a knife. It’s a Benchmade”.

In order to show off their innovative, high-tech and hand-crafted tools, the company has created a video (above) that shows off some great use case scenarios for their entire range of knives. Seeing their premium blades, handles, and locking mechanisms in action gives you a good sense of just how they’ve responded to and innovated based on customer feedback.

All Benchmade products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty and LifeSharp service. We’re proud to be carrying their products at House of Knives.

To select your very own Benchmade knife, please visit one of our locations in BC or Alberta. Or shop online from our webstore.

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