The KUSSI Lid & Cap Opener Solves an Age Old Problem

In the course of your life, you may have come across a problem that everyone has encountered at some point or another. It’s the one that always seems to be solved with the help of a friend. Though you may vigorously suggest that you may have “loosened” it. We’re talking about opening jars with stubborn lids.

It might not only be that spaghetti sauce jar. It could be a water bottle, a coffee mug, the lid to your child’s sippy bottle, or if you have older kids, that lid that contains their ‘slime’. Every time, you struggle with it, put it under hot running water, struggle some more, and then someone walks by and pops the lid for you. But now there’s a solution to this age old problem and it’s called the KUSSI Lid & Cap Opener.

The Cavalry Has Arrived

The KUSSI Lid & Cap Opener is a simple device that looks like a very over-sized pair of tweezers. But it’s function is simple and demonstrated in the video at the top of this post. In a nutshell, it provides you with more grip, and a little more leverage. The soft inner area is made of silicone, soft enough to form itself around that stubborn container lid. The comfortable molded handle allows you to grip easily, and with a twist, your lid should be unstuck. It also accommodates a range of container lid sizes, from small caps like the ones you may find on scented oils, to larger ones like the cap off your favourite Stanley Mug. Most importantly, it won’t damage it thanks to the aforementioned soft silicone.

The KUSSI Lid & Cap Opener is easy to store, affordable, and if you so happen to have a surprise when you open a very stubborn lid, it cleans up nicely with soap and water. Get it at any of our locations in BC and Alberta or check it out online.

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