Shed A Little Light with iProtec LED Flashlights


Now that the days are getting darker, making your trip after hours to the shed, basement, or even down to the park, can require a little extra light. That’s why we’ve introduced two new flashlights at House of Knives that are sure to brighten up any dimly-lit situation; meet the iProtec Chameleon and the iProtec Slyde.

The iProtec Chameleon

iProtec Chameleon

The iProtec Chameleon is not only a handy little pocket flashlight, but it can change the colour of its light to suit your visibility needs as they come. Outputting 100 lumens that travels up to 80 metres, the LED light can change between white, green, or red. Also included is a strobe light, for emergency situations, hailing your friends in crowded areas, or just to have sweet, impromptu dance parties.

Use the white light for general situations and inspection, the green light for fishing, hunting, and map reading, and the red light to preserve your night vision and minimize disturbance to others. Compact enough to keep in your pocket, glovebox, or backpack. Powerful enough to keep going for up to 7 hours.

The iProtec Slyde

iProtec Slyde Pro Dual Light

The iProtec Slyde is a whole other beast (and by “beast,” we mean it in the tough, exceptional, and awesome sense of the word). Not only does it act as a flashlight, outputting 250 lumens of white light up to 220 metres, but it also features a powerful hidden tasklight. “Slyde” open the flashlight’s middle to reveal the COB (Chips On Board) LED tasklight, and fasten the flashlight to a metal surface with the magnetic base.

Perfect for doing unplanned roadside repairs, keeping your workshop lit, or just using as a lamp around the house. Also handy to have around for when the power goes out unexpectedly. Not to mention, it looks like a light saber when closed. That alone has us totally pumped.

So Come Visit Us!

These innovative and affordable flashlights are ready and waiting for you at House of Knives. Come visit us at one of our 17 locations in BC and Alberta, or visit our online store, to get a hold of one of these fantastic little flashlights before you’re in a situation where you wish you had one.

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