Saluting Canadian Military and First Responders With a Discount

First Responder Banner 2There are heroes amongst us. No, we’re not talking about ‘The Avengers’ or ‘The Justice League’. We’re talking about the men and women who serve in all branches of the Canadian military and are known throughout the world as peace keepers. We’re talking about the men and women in the police, fire department, coast guard and ambulance services, who uphold our laws and keep us safe, rescue us from burning buildings, sinking ships, and take us to those that can care for us when we’re injured. These are the real Canadian heroes.

These men and women do what they do so that we can have an amazing quality of life. That’s why House of Knives locations across BC and Alberta would like to extend a special VIP discount to these heroes.

Regular Priced Items – 20% Off

Military personnel and first responders will receive 20% off all regularly priced products at all locations for their own personal use. This includes anything from our range of cutlery to sporting knives.

Electric and Multi-Tools – 10% Off

All electric items such as electric sharpeners and appliances will be eligible for a 10% discount off regular prices. Multi-tools such those from Leatherman and Victorinox will also be eligible for this discount.

To Receive This Discount…

We’re happy to see our military and first responders in their uniform. But if you’re in your civilian clothing just come into any House of Knives location and present your military ID, badge or personnel ID card and you will be taken care of. We are looking forward to helping you for a change. Please make sure you let your colleagues know that not only will they save with us but they will also receive the best customer service we can provide for the men and women that serve us everyday.

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