A Holiday Message From Andre

To Our Valued Customers

I know many of you are hard at work creating amazing holiday experiences for your family and loved ones. From keeping the magic of Santa alive for the kids, to crafting the most amazing holiday meals of the year, it’s absolutely worth the effort because they’ll be experiences that live on in our memories.

As we look back on 2016, not only do I want to thank you, our loyal customers, for supporting House of Knives for over 30 years, but I want to also thank you for helping us create so many memorable experiences together this year.

Earlier this year, we decided to create a series of workshops designed to hone your skills in the kitchen. We called these events “Evenings With Andre” (so evenings with ‘me’ if you will). By sharing everything that I’ve been taught through the years about knives, my hope was to help you create better experiences in the kitchen. You also created an amazing experience for both myself and our staff. You shared your love for cooking, your joy for our products, and most importantly, you inspired us to find new ways to continue to enhance our experiences in store.

Not all experiences this year were happy ones however. Especially for the residents of Fort McMurray who endured one of the scariest experiences in recent Canadian memory. And it was in that moment we thought, how could we help?

Thanks to the efforts of our staff, we ran our first sharpening drive, and sharpened over 1088 knives to help Fort McMurray get back on their feet again. All proceeds went directly to the Canadian Red Cross for relief efforts and we ended up raising $23,286. It was through that experience that reaffirmed what I knew of our staff all along. That we are passionate, hard working, and will do anything we can to help.

As 2016 comes to a close, and a new year is about to arrive, on behalf of the House of Knives family, I’d like to thank each and every one of our customers for being the reason for why we get up every day. For sharing your experiences with us at our stores every day, and for giving us the opportunity to make those experiences even better.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Andre Eng


House of Knives

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