The House of Knives Christmas Gift Guide is Back!


It’s been a couple years since we’ve put out a comprehensive gift guide for the holidays. But thanks to your feedback and frequent requests for something like this, we’ve decided to meet you halfway. So that’s why we’re presenting you with an electronic version of the 2016 House of Knives Christmas Gift Guide. It features twelve pages of the hottest products throughout the year. Just like that song that will be permeating the airwaves in just a couple short weeks.


The 2016 House of Knives Christmas Gift Guide can be viewed directly on our website, downloaded so you can carry it around on your smartphone or tablet, or you can print out multiple copies and leave them just lying around the house with specific items circled. At least that’s how we used to do it back in the good old days before tablets and smartphones. There’s gifts for everyone on your list so make sure you come see us in store or online in the coming weeks.

To download your copy of the 2016 House of Knives Christmas Gift Guide click here.

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