5 Uncommon Gifts Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time for celebrating and appreciating all that mom does for you and your family. She’s a wonder, there’s no doubt about it! But it always seems like we’re getting mom something for the kitchen, or something for her nails, or a gift certificate to somewhere she can relax. These are all gifts mom will appreciate, don’t get us wrong! But wouldn’t it also be awesome if we could celebrate mom’s strengths, skills, and passions, as well as give her some much-needed TLC?

This Mother’s Day, give her something you hadn’t thought of before, and check out these 5 uncommon gifts for mom.

1. A Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife

So you know how Batman always has something in his utility belt that always fits the situation? Moms with multi-tools are basically Batwomen with utility belts. Mom is always fixing something, whether it’s a toy that’s broken, hanging a picture, stopping the door from squeaking, or just generally “un-jamming” things. With a multi-tool like the Leatherman Wingman, the Leatherman Squirt, or the Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X, mom can continue to be a superhero with the right tools at hand.

2. A Pocket Knife

Speaking of Bat-Mom’s utility belt, a pocket knife is another tool that moms can benefit immensely from! No one keeps scissors in their pockets waiting for the moment they need to cut the straps off some packaging, or cut the tags off a new piece of clothing.

A pocket knife like the CRKT Amicus Compact, or the Kershaw Leek, can be used at home for a multitude of purposes, or mom can take it hiking with her, or keep it in her car for emergencies. Get mom geared up, and she’ll wonder why she never thought of buying one for herself!

3. VSSL for the Nature-Loving Mom

If your mom loves the outdoors or just loves being prepared, help her pack her bag with stylish gear that will keep her safe. VSSL makes military-spec aluminum canisters that are part flashlight, part compass, and part hollow cache that’s filled with awesome survival gear (or whatever mom wants)! Perfect for throwing in a purse, keeping in a glove box, or taking up a mountain.

Choose from VSSLs filled with an array of survival supplies within smaller canisters (who doesn’t love awesome packaging?), equipment for emergency shelter, or one packed full of first-aid gear (this one’s handy with children around). Mom will love taking this thoughtful and incredibly useful gift on your next camping trip.

4. Gardening Shears

If mom loves nature and has a green thumb, then all you have to do is pick her favourite colour. Pair these adorable, German-steel Paul Flower Shears with some flower seeds or even a potted plant, and mom will love this thoughtful gift. Spring is here, and it’s a chance for mom to get outside in the sunny weather and indulge in the natural therapy of the outdoors.

5. A Way to Smoothly Save Money

As a woman myself, I don’t know any ladies who enjoy spending money on disposable razors. I hate how expensive disposable razor cartridges are, and I hate the fact they’re plastic and we throw them away without a care for the environment.

With a double-edged razor like the Merkur 20C, mom can be good to Mother Earth, and good to her skin and wallet. (Psst, I have this one, and it’s phenomenal for not getting clogged up like 5-bladed razors. It’s also better for your skin.). Trust us, mom will love this investment.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Make sure you celebrate your mom (and grandma!) this May 14th! Our staff are waiting to help out in any of our 17 locations. Or feel free to shop our online store anytime you want, 24/7.

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