5 Fire Starting Products to Help Keep us Warm in Bad Weather


In our earthquake survival post last month we mentioned that building a fire is something most people have never attempted, nor know the first thing about. Simply put, us city-dwellers would be hooped if we needed to start a fire in an emergency situation, so we decided to elaborate on the subject with products that would help us out in a jam.

Excluding the off-chance you have a portable heated blanket and extra batteries, you’ll need to know how to keep warm when convenience runs out and that means lighting a fire. Learning how to build a fire is an invaluable life skill, so here are 5 products that will aid you.

1. The Know-How

Ultimate Survival Technologies Learn & Live Cards - Fire Building

Ultimate Survival’s Learn & Live Cards are not just indispensable sources of information, but they’re easy to follow, water-resistant, and small enough to keep with you at all times. The Fire Building Cards will ensure you always have the information on-hand if you need it, especially if you’re on your own, starting to panic, and without phone service.

2. A Plan for Rain

UCO Stormproof Matches

Unless you’re a master of bush-craft, you’re going to need something dry to get your fire starting off on the right foot. So if you find yourself stuck in the rain and your ignition source is wet or water-logged, you’re gonna be in a bit of a tight spot.

Luckily UCO Stormproof Matches (shown above) will still ignite in heavy rain, strong wind, falling snow—they’ll even light after being submerged in water. Each kit contains 25 matches, 3 strikers, and a waterproof case that floats. Need to refill your kit or stock up? You’ll want to look at the Stormproof Double Pack.

3. A Fire Starter

Swedish FireSteel 2-0 with Whistle

If you don’t have waterproof matches or a lighter to help out your fire starting, your next best hope is something that will create a spark and ignite a tinder source.

With the Swedish FireSteel 2.0 with Whistle, you’ll create sparks even when its cold and wet. Just pull the striker plate slowly and firmly down the length of the fire-starter to produce sparks and ignite your tinder. The striker handle even has an emergency whistle, but if you want less bells and (literally) whistles, try the Swedish FireSteel Mini.

4. The FireKnife

Swedish FireKnife

The Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife is a tool similar to the FireSteel, but with a bit more functionality, and comes with a sheath and a Swedish FireSteel firestarter. Use the blade to strip away wet bark from branches, and then use it as a striker plate with the firestarter. Drag the blade slowly down the firestarter (as if you were peeling a potato) to produce sparks and ignite tinder. It comes in orange, green, and black.

5. Backup Materials


You’ll need a lightweight and dry tinder source to begin your fire. But if you’re stuck in damp conditions, and there’s no dry tinder in sight, it could really pay off to bring your own to assist with your fire starting needs. The Light My Fire Tinder-on-a-Rope is a cheap way to boost your chances of starting a fire in bad conditions. The wood is taken from stumps of cultivated pine in Honduras which has an 80% resin (oil) content that makes it extremely easy to light. Because its the resin that burns and not the wood, you can light this tinder even when its wet! Shave off a few pieces, get some kindling together, and you’ll have a fire going in no time.

Time to Get Prepared

House of Knives has all of these great fire-starting items and more in our survival gear department. One of these items may help save yours or someone else’s life. Come check out our selection at one of our 17 retail locations across BC and Alberta, or take a look at our online store!

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