Say Hello to Fun, Festivities, and Our Summer Sale!

Summer Sale July 7 to August 17

We’re jumping into summer full-force this year with our Summer Sale. We’ve been blessed with some amazing weather so far, so to make the most of your summer months, we’ve put together our favourite ways to spend the summer. Check out some of our favourite products with selections from our camping, bbq including gift ideas for those special summer occasions.

Let’s Play Outside!

Summer is Camping

Canada is one of THE best places to dive into the camping world. Whether your destination campgrounds involve hiking our proud mountains, fishing by our glorious lakes, or hunting in our lush forests, you’ll need to make sure you’re packed for success.

Every good camper has their favourite camping knife, and our favourite is the Kershaw Camp 10. This baby is a true outdoor survival knife that’s great for clearing brush, making kindling, and general hack-and-slashing. Or for getting rid of that one spider in a calm and orderly fashion, thanks to the 10 inch buffer it provides between you and it.

But when you need the finer tools of a Swiss Army Knife, you can count on the Victorinox One Hand Trekker to be your camping companion. With 12 functions on-hand, the Trekker will back you up in any hairy scenario. A piece that is still completely handmade in Switzerland.

For more great ideas to rock your camping world, make sure you also check out our guide featuring top ten things you should always bring camping.

Fire Up Your Grills

Summer is BBQ

Ahhh, summer barbecues. Is there anything better than hanging outside with friends, family, and fresh burgers? This season, try out some new items that will make your barbecue that much tastier.

For a truly gourmet experience, we’re featuring Smokin’ BBQ products in our Summer Sale. Their cedar Grill Planks piece together different flavoured woods to complement different meats. Make cedar plank salmon with the Seafood Griller, or check out options for chicken and spareribs.

An essential for every grill-master, the Kussi Non Stick Grill Mat uses heat resistant fabric that’ll keep your veggies from falling through the grill, and makes clean up a 2-second affair. Because barbecues are social events, spend your time talking with friends, and let the Kuchwerks Meat Thermometer do the hard work of ensuring that everything is done to the right temperature.

It’s Celebration Season

Summer is Special Occasions

Summer is the most popular time to get married, to have a birthday party, or to celebrate family with a reunion. With the beautiful weather there’s no doubt about why. But the biggest occasion celebrated in summer are weddings. So while you’re thinking about what to wear or what to say in your speech, let us think about what to get the happy couple.

Our Summer Sale provides for some great inspiration. For starters, you can commemorate their white wedding with the WUSTHOF Creme Ikon Block Set. The gorgeous ivory colour of this knife set was basically made for weddings. Plus, these German made knives are a symbol of things that will last a lifetime and provide happiness in the kitchen. How thoughtful!

And just to let you in on a little secret… One of our best deals ever has to be the SCANPAN 60th Anniversary 3pc Cookware Set. Not only is it the best non-stick cookware we’ve ever used, but it’s affordable and has everything the newlyweds will need after the honeymoon.

If you’re looking for more fantastic ideas, you’ll want to have a look at the six most engravable wedding gifts for additional inspiration.

Come Check Out the Summer Sale!

Whether you’re getting ready to go camping, heating up the grill for grilling, or heading to a wedding, reunion, or outdoor party, you’ll find the tools you need at our Summer Sale. Make sure you see us at one of our locations in BC & Alberta, or shop online for convenient 24/7 shopping and FREE shipping for orders over $100.

What do you have planned for the Summer? What tools have you found absolutely indispensable for heading into the outdoors? Let us know in the comments below!


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