How to Prepare for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate and enjoy romance. Light candles, drink wine, look your best, and revel in the passion of the season.

But Valentine’s Day can cause a mighty amount of stress for those who don’t know their partners or dates well. Should we go out? Should we stay in? Will they like this? Should I get a gift? What do I wear? Beard or no beard?

Don’t worry. A successful Valentine’s Day comes down to two things: the atmosphere and the bonding between you. While bonding will happen naturally as you get to know each other, you create an atmosphere that encourages natural bonding. And that all comes down to presentation.

Presentation Starts with You

Valentine's Day Shave

Valentine’s Day is firstly about the two of you, so looking presentable is step one. Whether you’re a gentleman with a beard, or a lady with an LBD (little black dress), we all have something to shave.

Now, if you want the closest shave possible for this important day, throw out your cartridge razor. When you use a double-edged safety razor and a high quality shaving cream, you will experience unheard of levels of smoothness. Not only will you look your best, you’ll feel your best too. Just make sure you practice a few days before the big date. Using a safety razor requires a bit of practice but the long term benefits are worth it.

Gents with Beards

Valentine's Day Example Keanu

We love Keanu scruffy and not, but do you see the difference a little bit of beard-care makes? Make an effort to ensure your beard is trimmed and tamed with some beard oil. And if you need some help conquering your moustache? Moustache wax is your gift from above.

Staying in for Dinner? Fine Tune the Details

Valentine's Day Table

If you’re preparing a home cooked meal for your date, making it look and feel like a special occasion will earn you major brownie points. So get a tablecloth out, rustle up a couple wine glasses, and light some candles.

Pointers on Wine

You’ve got the glasses, you’ve picked out your vintage, but don’t forget you need a way to open your bottle. A solid corkscrew will help you on your way to enjoying your drinks. And if you chose a red wine? Make sure you aerate or decante it for the most flavour and aroma.

Wine is BFFs with Cheese

No romantic evening in France was ever complete without a spread of cheeses, fruits, nuts, and breads. While it may be simple, these flavours together are perfectly complemented. With the right cheese knives or slicers, you can create a beautiful spread, arranged on a wooden board for romantic ambiance.

Indulge in Dessert

Valentine's Day Dessert

Whether you’re sticking with the home cooked method, or getting helping store-bought hand with dessert, you can always put on finishing touches. A simple store-bought brownie warmed up in the microwave and topped with ice creamorange zest, or chocolate shavings can be all it takes to win over your date’s sweeter side.

Or, if you’re more confident in your baking skills, try firing up a couple creme brulees for the two of you and watch the awe manifest on your date’s face. #browniepoints

House of Knives is your Go-to Love Guru

We’re more than happy to play Cupid and help you present your best self this Valentines day. Come visit us at one of our 17 stores across BC and Alberta for helpful advice on how to make it one of the most special days of the year.

What are you planning this Valentine’s Day? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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