Black Tusk Tools Throwing Knives Co-Star in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


Black Tusk Tools is a brand that House of Knives immediately signed on to promote. The moment we saw their range of folding knives, fixed blades, and throwing knives we knew they represented a great level of value and performance, and we’re excited to offer them to our customers. It appears White Canary from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow thinks so too!

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In Episode 4 of Season 1 entitled “White Knight,” we see White Canary sharpening a Black Tusk Tools Throwing Knife which comes in a set of three. They are well featured during a scene involving both Hawk Girl and White Canary, as they discuss their super-powered anger issues and how to deal with them. A set of throwing knives with a challenging target, in a safe environment, is a great way to blow off steam and develop impressive hand-to-eye coordination.

The knives selected by White Canary are affectionately known as “8040-3″ and are 8” in length each. They are made of stainless steel, come in a handsome blackwash finish, and you even get a carry case. Good for both target practice and putting away the bad guys in any year/century.

If the blackwash finish doesn’t suit you, House of Knives carries a range of throwing knives from Black Tusk Tools and other brands to suit your sense of style. We even have throwing hawks, which we’re hoping Hawk Girl will try out in a future episode.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is on Thursday at 8:30PM EST/PST on CTV.

Special thanks to Jake from our Market Mall Store in Calgary for spotting this cameo with his eagle…err…hawk eyes.

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